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Welcome to Denton County Green Party

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GP_Key_Values.pngThe Denton County Green Party is affiliated with the Green Party of Texas which can found at  The National Party can be found at  

The Green Party is based on the 4 Pillars of Peace, Ecology, Social Justice and Democracy.  At the right are the Ten Key Values on which we base all our actions.  Green Party candidates all subscribe to these values.

We are always looking for people to whom these values speak.  If they speak to you please contact us.

For a comprehensive discussion of the Ten Key Values, checkout the National website.

Our email is

The current co-chairs are:

Wesson Gaige H-940-262-0945  C-214-906-2909


You can find us on Facebook as 'Denton County Green Party'.

If you wish to participate in local activities of the Denton County Green Party, please provide your contact information after you click here

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