What is the Green Party position on…

  • Campaign finance reform? Greens support publicly funded elections to eliminate control of our government by wealthy individuals and corporations.
  • Health care? Greens support a single-payer system that provides care to all Americans, similar to that found in dozens of nations, such as Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, and Japan.
  • Drugs? Greens support the decriminalization of addiction. Money wasted on a losing drug war would be better spent on education and rehabilitation.
  • Labor? Greens support strong worker protections and a living wage of at least $15/hr to ensure that families can afford food and housing.
  • Military? Greens believe a strong defense begins with a lean military. The current military budget is bloated and unrealistic, designed around Cold War threats and corporate profits rather than current defense needs. There is no legitimate need to maintain military bases in more than 70 nations.

You can learn more from the national and state Green Party platforms for 2016.

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